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Currency Exchange Rates

Code Units Buy (CZK) Sell (CZK)
EUR 1 24.57972 26.28222
USD 1 20.00988 21.39584
GBP 1 28.13679 30.08689
RUB 100 34.78860 37.20840
RON 1 5.26749 5.63247
CHF 1 20.98503 22.43917

Exchange rate valid as of: Wed 21 Mar 2018 04:35:58 PM CET


This FX rate sheet is for your information only. In case of substantial change of FX rate during a business day, Artesa reserves the right to change this FX rate sheet even during the business day.
For conversions exceeding the equivalent of 250 000 CZK (inclusive), Artesa determines an individual exchange rate pursuant to the current situation on the interbanking market.
For the settlement of payment transactions made by a debit card, ČSOB "Foreign exchange - cashless - Sales" exchange rates are used.