Artesa KONTO Current Account

Advantages for you

Current account is a basic product intended for cash and non-cash payment transactions and for saving financial resources.

Advantages of the Artesa KONTO Current Account 

  • You can change the set-up of the account at any time
  • Fast and reliable execution of payment transactions 
  • VISA or MasterCard available

Basic Parameters

  • Opened for an unspecified period of time 
  • Accrued interest is posted once a month, as at the end of the month 
  • Cash withdrawals are possible subject to the following conditions: 
    • Withdrawals of up to CZK 100,000 (inclusive) in a single day do not need to be announced in advance 
    • Withdrawals of CZK 100,001 and greater in a single day must be announced at least one business day in advance


Conditions for its provision

  • Excerpt from the Commercial Registry or a Trade Licence 
  • Two identification documents
  • Visit in person