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Savings Deposit Account Artesa JISTOTA

This savings deposit account represents a safe way to save repeatedly deposited available funds, including an option for extraordinary withdrawals. It offers an attractive interest rate compared to time deposits.

Advantages of the Artesa JISTOTA savings deposit account

  • Creation and management of account free of charge
  • Unlimited volume and number of deposits
  • Interest yield handled according to Client preference
    • Monthly transfer to the Checking account
    • Capitalization of interest, i.e. crediting interest to the account
  • Option to withdraw up to 20 % of the deposit in a calendar year free of charge

Basic Parameters of Artesa JISTOTA

  • Repeated deposits established for an unlimited period
  • Minimum amount deposited in the savings deposit account is CZK 20 000
  • Interest yield is calculated at the end of each month
  • Option to terminate the full deposit or its part
  • Option to withdraw cash or transfer funds to another account within a 14-day disposition period following a notice period

Interest Rates

Minimální zůstatek v CZK / Úroková sazba (p. a.)
od 20 000 CZK
1 0,05 %
3 0,25 %
6 0,55 %
12 0,90 %
24 1,40 %
36 1,80 %
48 1,90 %
60 2,00 %

Conditions for creating an Artesa JISTOTA savings deposit account

  • Two forms of ID
  • Personal visit 

The deposit, including income interest, is insured under the Banking Act in the amount of 100% up to EUR 100 000.