Domestic Payments

One-time and mass payment orders

Domestic transfer of funds from the payee’s account to the beneficiary’s account in CZK

Express payment 

Domestic payment order where the standard processing period can be shortened and the funds are credited to the beneficiary’s account the very same day

Standing payment order 

Regularly recurring domestic transfers of funds from one account to another in CZK. The amount of the transfer usually does not change during the effective term of a standing order – used for paying insurance premiums, rent, etc.

Direct debit 

A payment service with which a financial amount is debited from the payee’s account and the payment order is submitted by the recipient of the payment, on the basis of the payee’s consent.  The payee must have a direct debit consent set up in his account – used for example in paying for telecommunication services, paying energy bills, etc. 

Options for making a payment order:

  • In person at a branch
  • Online via Internet banking

Requisite details of a payment order 

The following must be stated in order to execute an order:

  • Required information 
    • Payee’s account number
    • Payee’s bank code
    • Beneficiary’s account number
    • Beneficiary’s bank code
    • Amount to be transferred
    • Currency of transfer
    • Payment date
    • Place and date of the payment order
    • Signature of the payee 
  • Optional information 
    • For express payments mark priority
    • Variable symbol 
    • Specific symbol
    • Constant symbol
    • Additional information 


For the current amount of the fees see the List of Tariffs