Savings Account Artesa UNIVERSAL

A separate savings account offering a very attractive appreciation of funds without a notice period.

Advantages of the Artesa UNIVERSAL savings account

  • Funds in the account are available at any time, without a notice period
  • Creation and management of account free of charge 
  • No minimum account balance requirement
  • Unlimited volume and number of deposits 

Basic Parameters of Artesa UNIVERSAL

  • Established for an unlimited period
  • Interest yield is calculated at the end of each month 
  • Receipt of payments into the account, domestic wire transfers to 2 account numbers - with the option to change them twice a month
  • Cash withdrawal possible under the following conditions
    • Withdrawals under CZK 100 000 (incl. CZK 100 000) need not be announced in advance
    • Withdrawals over CZK 100 001 on any one day must be announced at least 2 working days before withdrawal

Interest Rates

CurrencyRate in % p. a.
CZK0.60 %

Conditions for creating an Artesa UNIVERSAL savings account

  • Two forms of ID
  • Personal visit

The deposit, including income interest, is insured under the Banking Act in the amount of 100% up to EUR 100 000.

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