Why Artesa

Artesa, spořitelní družstvo focuses on small savers, but also operate as a savings cooperative for companies and international corporations. The goal of each employee at Artesa is to have satisfied customers, for whom Artesa will be the first choice in choosing a savings product and for appreciating their savings.

Key values for the client:

  1. Tested by history
    We are not a new savings cooperative, but a modern savings and lending institution established in 1999. Artesa is a brand you can trust.

  2. Guarantee
    Rely only on insured deposits. Artesa, as a holder of a proper licence from the Czech National Bank, which allows it to appreciate the financial resources of individuals, entrepreneurs, and organisations, has all deposits 100% insured by law, to a maximum of EUR 100,000. Artesa has on a sustained basis met all of the statutory requirements, i.e., in particular, capital adequacy and loan engagement. It is subject to CNB oversight and regulation.

  3. Expertise
    Artesa has a top-level team of experienced financial experts, works with the most modern technologies, and creates the conditions for the maximum appreciation of its clients’ investments. Artesa is a member of the Association of Savings Cooperatives. It is a high-quality and reliable partner for each of its members.